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Producing an Annual Report makes you eligible to enter the PATROL Promoting Awareness of Civil Enforcement through Reporting (PACER) Awards (formerly the PARC Awards)

PATROL recognises that authorities differ in size and scale throughout England and Wales, that many councils have embraced collaborative working, and that there are often differences between unitary and two-tier authorities. The PACER Awards look to embrace these differences and welcome entries from across the spectrum of local authorities.

Award categories

Annual Reports submitted for the PACER Awards are assessed for recognition under the following award categories (reference is made to the 5 Steps to Success when assessing reports). The awards are decided by the independent PATROL PACER Review Group, made up of senior and authoritative voices in the parking, motoring and communications space.

Where an authority has produced an informative, compelling and visually accessible Annual Report, which clearly sets out the broad spectrum of civil parking and traffic enforcement information against wider traffic management objectives for the community.

Customer Service
Where authorities have reported on steps taken to proactively engage with their community in the delivery of schemes and services.

Innovation and New Services
Where authorities have delivered one or more examples of an innovative approach or new schemes to improve traffic management, in order to better meet the needs of the community.

Finance and Statistics
Where authorities have transparently and effectively conveyed income and expenditure around traffic management, including the use of any surplus, or presented statistics on parking and traffic management in a visually compelling way.

Where authorities have harnessed digital channels (e.g. video and animation or social media) to improve the accessibility to, impact of and engagement with parking and traffic management information – either as a complete Annual Report or element within a report.

Where an authority has utilised design, layout and graphics effectively to present content in a way that is visually engaging, while still being appropriate and complementary for the presentation of the subject matter.

Where an authority has presented information covering the reporting year in a shorter, more condensed format, without cutting out any important information or statistics.

Submitting your report

PATROL is looking forward to seeing your Annual Report for 2019/20.

Submissions should be sent to info@patrol-uk.info
by Friday 31 March 2021

Local Authority Workshop
20 January 2021

PATROL will be running a workshop focused on the Annual Report Toolkit,
together with hints and tips on producing an engaging and informative report.
Planned guest speakers include the independent Review Group and past award winners.

Register your interest in the event here.

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